Microsoft Teams: Users will now be notified when their admin unblocks a requested app

Microsoft Teams: Users will now be notified when their admin unblocks a requested app

Microsoft Teams has announced an update that will allow users to be notified when their admin unblocks a requested app, giving them immediate access to it. This update will be automatically rolled out between early and late July 2024 with no admin action required and is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 389151. Previously, in 2022, Microsoft Teams introduced an option for users to request apps to be unblocked, and administrators were informed of these requests in Teams Admin Center. With this update, users will now be notified of the admin’s decision to unblock these apps, enabling easier communication between them. The targeted release is scheduled to begin in early July 2024 and the general availability by late July 2024. Organizations can prepare for this update by notifying their users about it and updating any relevant documentation.

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