Microsoft Teams: App Centric App Deployment Management | Teams Admin Center

Microsoft Teams: App Centric App Deployment Management | Teams Admin Center

Microsoft Teams is introducing a new admin setting for app deployment that will allow for app-centric management. With this new feature, admins can control which users in the tenant have specific Teams apps preinstalled by selecting from three options: 'Deployed to all users', 'Deployed to specific users and groups', or 'Deployed to no users'. This capability replaces the existing Installed Apps section of app setup policies, offering individual app deployment management to administrators. Existing customers with Installed Apps policies will have their settings migrated to the new feature. This capability is set to be available in June CY2024 as part of Microsoft Teams' General Availability Release phase.

If you're a Microsoft Teams user, this new addition will simplify app deployment management and provide increased control over app installations for different users and groups.

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