Microsoft Clipchamp: The Brand kit feature is rolling out with extended elements to Microsoft subscriptions

Microsoft Clipchamp: The Brand kit feature is rolling out with extended elements to Microsoft subscriptions

Microsoft is expanding the capabilities of Clipchamp's Brand kit feature and it will be available for users with specific licenses between mid-July and late August 2024. The feature will allow users to create, share, and use collections of brand assets including colors, fonts, and logos when creating videos. The subscriptions eligible for this feature include Microsoft 365 E3 and E5, Business Premium and Business Standard, and A3 and A5. The update will not impact any other parts of the Microsoft 365 license or Microsoft 365 admin center, and no admin action is required before the rollout. After the rollout, users can expect extended capabilities such as automation of brand application in video through Clipchamp Premium licenses. A further update indicates that "Official" Brand kits for an organization can be made available to all users in a tenant by placing the Brand kits in the Organization Asset Library (OAL) where admins can designate who can save to the OAL Brand kit document library. Please follow the link for more information on creating and distributing org-wide brand kits in Clipchamp.

The announcement was made on the M365 Admin page and is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 398992. The post can be accessed through this link.

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