Enhanced User Request Management and Navigation in Teams Admin Center

Enhanced User Request Management and Navigation in Teams Admin Center

If you use Teams Admin Center and manage user app requests, then you're in for a treat. The center is introducing a set of enhancements aimed at simplifying the request administration process by enabling streamlined navigation and better management. So what are these updates all about?

First, a new ‘User Requests’ tab will be added to the App Details page, providing in-depth information about each request. This information includes the requester's name, email, job title, and request date. The extra detail should help you make more informed decisions about app approvals.

Second, the main dashboard in Teams Admin Center will now include a widget showing the most requested apps. This feature enables you to prioritize app management tasks more effectively by gauging user preferences.

Finally, Teams Admin Center is adding a filter for the ‘Browse by app requests’ function. This enhancement makes it easier for you to view app requests by demand, simplifying the browsing experience.

Note that these enhancements are exclusively intended for the administrative side of Teams Admin Center and will only simplify your workflow. The end-user experience and the feature's On/Off status will remain unaffected. These updates will rollout between early December 2023 and early February 2024.

So, if you're looking for ways to simplify user request management, keep an eye out for these changes.

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