Microsoft Outlook: Link permissions for OneDrive for Business in Outlook for iOS

Microsoft Outlook: Link permissions for OneDrive for Business in Outlook for iOS

Outlook for iOS is set to receive a feature that will notify users if their email recipients lack access to OneDrive for Business file links and enable them to update the permissions accordingly. The feature has already been released on Android and will be available globally from late June to late July 2024. With this update, when users paste a OneDrive for Business file link into an email, they will be notified if the recipients of their message do not have access to the shared files. The users will be able to update permissions accordingly. It is recommended that users are informed and prepared for this upcoming update. As an organization, consider updating your training and documentation. For admins, more information can be found in the Shareable links overview and troubleshooting – Outlook in Microsoft Learn, and for users, in the Share OneDrive files and folders document in Microsoft Support. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 108887.

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