Microsoft Teams: Hiding of inactive channels

Microsoft Teams: Hiding of inactive channels

Microsoft Teams now offers the convenience of automatically detecting inactive channels and hiding them, allowing you to keep your channels list relevant. This feature helps to declutter your workspace and ensure that you only see the channels that matter to you. Teams will automatically hide inactive channels that you haven't interacted with in a while, but you can still access them by reviewing the list of channels and choosing to unhide some or all of them at any time. Additionally, you can opt-out of automatic hiding from settings or manually initiate this process whenever needed.

This feature was released on a general availability release phase and is available on multiple platforms such as Mac and Cloud Instance DoD, GCC High, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC. Its roadmap ID is 325780 and was created on June 1, 2024.

For anyone who uses Microsoft Teams, this feature can greatly simplify their workflow by hiding irrelevant channels automatically. This way, you can concentrate on the channels that are important to you. The announcement of this feature can be found on the M365 Admin site.

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