Simpler and quicker creation of teams and channels

Simpler and quicker creation of teams and channels

In a bid to simplify and accelerate team and channel creation, Microsoft is streamlining the process of creating teams and channels on their platform. The team and channel creation process currently involves several steps and primarily lets users create teams at the top level, with the channel creation option relegated to each team. This new initiative aims to make the team creation process simpler by default while still providing users with advanced options for creating teams from templates or groups and selecting the privacy/sensitivity of each team if required. The new process will also make it easier for users to create channels within these teams by placing the "create channel" option at the top. This new feature will allow users to create the right collaboration space by choosing between a team or channel, eliminating the need to follow multiple steps or go to different places. The roll-out will begin in November 2023 and is expected to be completed by mid-December of the same year. As a result of this change, users will be able to create a team or channel from the top "+ "button. The "create channel" option will also be elevated, promoting users to create channels instead of teams, thus reducing team proliferation.

It is essential to note that while creating channels from the "+" button, Microsoft advises users to communicate with others to pick the team suitable for the channel if the default team is not the best option. This simplification of the process will not only promote collaboration but also improve productivity on the platform.

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