Whiteboard: External Guest Sharing

Whiteboard: External Guest Sharing

In an effort to enhance collaboration, Microsoft has introduced a new feature that allows users to share whiteboards with external guests through a personal share link (PSL). The new feature respects any OneDrive/Sharepoint sharing settings and, if Business to Business Invitation Manager (B2B IM) is enabled, allows users to send whiteboards via PSL to external users. B2B IM creates guest user accounts for external users, enabling them to access the file. The feature will be generally available from September CY2023 and is accessible on the web-based cloud platform, on the DoD, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC, GCC High instances. This feature is set to make external collaboration easier for Microsoft's users.

For further information about this feature, you can refer to the original post on M365 Admin.

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