Microsoft Teams: Performance improvements for anonymous users who join meetings in Edge

Microsoft Teams: Performance improvements for anonymous users who join meetings in Edge

Anonymous users joining Teams meetings on the web using the Edge browser are set to enjoy improved performance as part of recent upgrades to the Teams meetings platform. These upgrades represent Microsoft's continued commitment to creating intuitive tools that enhance productivity by eliminating potential roadblocks and boosting user experience. Anonymous users can now seamlessly access Teams meetings and enjoy faster, smoother interactions even when using the web client. This development is poised to benefit a broad range of users, from those who join meetings from external organizations to occasional participants who prefer to join meetings anonymously.

To access the Teams meetings platform's latest features, anonymous users should ensure they are using the Edge browser. These features are part of Microsoft's strategy to roll out practical solutions that promote collaboration and propel business growth. By upgrading the Teams meetings experience, Microsoft is showing its commitment to supporting its users in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

For additional information on this release and other upcoming updates, visit the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

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