Microsoft Teams: New Cross-location shifts in the Shifts app

Microsoft Teams: New Cross-location shifts in the Shifts app

Microsoft Teams has announced the upcoming release of a new feature in the Shifts app that enables frontline managers to offer open shifts across multiple locations. This will allow managers to balance the supply and demand of labor across regions, empower workers with greater scheduling flexibility, and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring adequate staffing levels. This feature will start rolling out in July 2024 for Targeted Release and in August 2024 for General Availability. The organization must have an operational hierarchy, sister locations, and at least one matching schedule group code for this feature to be enabled. Frontline managers or admins can enable these prerequisites. Admin action is not required before the rollout, which will happen automatically by the specified dates. This message applies to Microsoft Teams for Desktop, web, Mac, and Mobile. Note that if you do not use frontline worker functionality, you can ignore this message.

Stay tuned for this exciting new feature that enhances the functionality of the Microsoft Teams Shifts app, empowering organizations to manage labor effectively across multiple locations and improve customer satisfaction.

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