Microsoft Teams: Excel import enhancements in Shifts app

Microsoft Teams: Excel import enhancements in Shifts app

If you're a frontline manager looking to leverage the full power of Microsoft Teams and Excel, there is exciting news for you. Starting from mid-November 2023, Microsoft will roll out product enhancements to the Shifts app providing you with more flexibility and control in creating schedules. Specifically, you can now import and export not only assigned shifts but also time-offs and open shifts into Shifts through Excel files with different worksheets for each entity. This empowers you to prevent duplication of groups by selecting groups from a pre-populated list and exporting schedules that include assigned shifts, time offs, and open shifts, covering a specific period.

It is a powerful feature that shifts and changes how frontline managers work. By adopting these enhancements, you can simplify your scheduling process and achieve more with minimum effort. There is nothing to prepare for these changes, and you can notify your frontline manager of these groundbreaking updates.

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