{How to} Configure custom card for the inbox dynamics 365 Omnichannel

{How to} Configure custom card  for the inbox dynamics 365 Omnichannel

If you're looking to configure custom card settings for your inbox on Dynamics 365 Omnichannel, then this tutorial is for you. In it, you'll learn how to personalize how your information will be displayed with custom card attributes and layout. Here are the steps involved in this configuration process:

  • Access the Admin Center and navigate to Agent Experience Profiles.
  • Edit your inbox settings under the Inbox option.
  • Customize your card attributes and choose your preferred display layout.

The Inbox is designed to help agents manage tasks efficiently, and custom card settings allow them to tailor their workspace to their needs. By choosing preferred attributes and appearance, agents can make their inbox more personalized and effective. Follow these simple steps outlined in the tutorial by Malla Reddy Gurram (@UK365GUY) to configure your custom card settings quickly and easily.


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