Viva Engage Network Analytics

Viva Engage Network Analytics

Viva Engage is about to introduce network analytics! Starting from mid-January, admins and corporate communicators will have access to a network analytics dashboard to monitor engagement across their entire organization. They will also be able to activate summarization and theme extraction in their Viva Engage admin dashboard in the Analytics and AI section, incorporating Microsoft Responsible AI protections. This feature will provide users with company-wide data on employee engagement, including top usage trends, employee sentiment, cross-community insights and AI-powered summarization. Although Network analytics is expected to be generally available by mid-January 2024, the summarization component will remain in preview until Spring 2024. This development associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 168623 can be leveraged to stay up to date with all activities taking place within the company. Admins can control features by enabling the AI-powered summarization in the Viva Engage Admin Dashboard. To prepare for this, no action is required beyond enabling admin controls.

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