Product transitions to the cloud.microsoft domain – June 2024

Product transitions to the cloud.microsoft domain – June 2024

Microsoft is transitioning its products to the cloud.microsoft domain by June 2024. Microsoft Planner is already hosted on the domain. In preparation for this transition, administrators should educate users, update organizational materials, ensure in-house apps are compatible, and verify network connections are unblocked. This change has been in effect since April 2023, and the cloud.microsoft domain provides a unified and secure platform to host Microsoft's first-party authenticated SaaS products and experiences.

Admins should note that a full list of product experiences being delivered on this domain can be found on the Microsoft 365 Enterprise website. The services listed in this post are already available on the cloud.microsoft domain, and users will gradually be redirected to the appropriate applications under this domain automatically. However, links to the previous domains are still supported.

To prepare for the transition, admins should educate users on cloud.microsoft as a key domain for Microsoft cloud experiences. If organizational websites, tools, or materials reference the old URLs, it would be best to update them to avoid user confusion. Admins should also partner with developers of in-house Teams apps to verify compatibility with the cloud.microsoft domain.

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