Microsoft Viva Engage: Updates to conversation analytics

Microsoft Viva Engage: Updates to conversation analytics

Microsoft Viva Engage is introducing new features to its conversation analytics which will be available to all its customers with a Microsoft 365 license. These improvements include a new look for analytics on posts, faster real-time updates for conversation analytics, an expanded set of reactions that will show in the reactions breakdown, and the ability to filter activity across various time periods ranging from 7 days to 12 months. However, features like sentiment analysis and more detailed engagement breakdowns will only be accessible to customers with a Viva Suite or Viva Employee Communications and Communities license.

With this update, users will be able to monitor metrics on all posts more effectively, and all network admins and users assigned the corporate communicator role will be able to access conversation analytics. Moreover, the Viva Engage admin dashboard will have a control in the Analytics and AI section, which will enable admins to turn on AI-powered summarization for their network. This control will make AI features like sentiment analysis available on posts with sufficient engagement, where at least five unique responders per thread are present. The new features are expected to roll out worldwide by mid to late March 2024.

No specific action is required to prepare for this change but it is recommended to notify users about these updates and update relevant documentation accordingly. Learn more about these updates on the Microsoft Learn page, which will be updated by mid-March 2024.

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