Microsoft Copilot: Optimized File Link Support in Microsoft Teams Chat and Channels

Microsoft Copilot: Optimized File Link Support in Microsoft Teams Chat and Channels

Microsoft Copilot is introducing new optimizations for file and link retrieval in Teams chat and channels, designed to enhance file support in Microsoft Teams chat and channels. To use this feature, a Microsoft 365 license is required, and no additional preparation is necessary. The feature rollout is expected to begin in mid-July 2024, and it will be completed by late July 2024. These new file support optimizations will allow attached files to appear in Copilot’s response while messages that include links to files will be retrieved quickly and more reliably. So, if you're working with files in Teams, these new enhancements will be beneficial.

The post Microsoft Copilot: Optimized File Link Support in Microsoft Teams Chat and Channels provides important information on the rollout of the feature and how it will positively affect the collaboration experience in Teams. No additional action is needed to prepare for this feature.

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