File viewer for Microsoft 365: Updates to opening non-Office files in Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint

File viewer for Microsoft 365: Updates to opening non-Office files in Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint

Microsoft has rolled out updates to the file viewer for Microsoft 365, which now supports over 300 file types with a new design, toolbar, panes, and collaboration features. This enhanced file viewer is expected to be generally available by late May 2024 and does not require any admin action before the rollout. The new design features a dark mode background, updated command bar, and file navigation arrows positioned in the middle of the page, making it more useful and intuitive to view files in OneDrive for the web and Microsoft SharePoint Online. This update is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 381752.

Users are advised to notify their colleagues about this change and update relevant documentation as appropriate. With this update, file navigation has improved, and the file viewer has become a productivity tool.

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