Microsoft Viva: Engage Admins/ Global admins do not require license to manage Viva Engage

Microsoft Viva: Engage Admins/ Global admins do not require license to manage Viva Engage

Microsoft Viva, a platform that integrates with Microsoft Teams, has made it possible for Engage admins and Global admins to manage Viva Engage without requiring a licensed account. This feature is now available under General Availability, and will be released by May 2024 on the web and cloud platforms across the world.

This release enables admins to manage Viva Engage, allowing them to seamlessly access the platform without requiring a license. With this change, Engage can be managed without the need to purchase licenses, thus reducing the cost of running the platform and streamlining its usage across multiple teams and organizations.

This update is part of Microsoft's commitment to providing cost-effective solutions to businesses, removing license barriers and democratizing access to the company's software ecosystem. By integrating Viva with Teams, Microsoft is improving the way people collaborate and communicate, while empowering admins to take control of their digital work environments.

If you're an Engage or Global Admin looking to streamline your management of Viva Engage, this update is sure to simplify your workflow and help you save time and money.

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