Viva Goals Administrator role for IT admins

Viva Goals Administrator role for IT admins

The role of IT admins in managing Viva Goals policy settings in the company is about to get a lot easier. Global admins can assign a new role to IT admins called the 'Viva Goals Administrator' which allows them to manage the Viva Goals settings that apply to the entire company or tenant. Though this role is optional, it can help manage aspects such as enabling or disabling integrations available for all Viva Goals organizations in the tenant or creating organizations or configuring who can do so. Starting late February 2023, this feature will be rolled out and completed by early March 2023. If a Viva Goals Admin is absent, the Global admin can manage the settings, and in the near future, Viva Goals Admins will also be able to administrate an organization on Viva Goals by granting themselves organization admin privileges. To prepare for assigning roles in the Microsoft 365 admin center, see 'Assign admin roles.'

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