Use Copilot in D365 Customer Service to generate knowledge articles from cases

Use Copilot in D365 Customer Service to generate knowledge articles from cases

Calling all D365 Customer Service users! Microsoft's Copilot tool is now equipped with even more functionality to help you work smarter, not harder. The enhanced Copilot tool empowers users to generate knowledge articles from cases, making it easier to maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation.

By leveraging this new feature, users can unlock a wealth of capabilities that streamline their workflows and drive more efficient customer service practices. Even better, this feature is currently available for public preview, meaning that you can start testing it out right now!

To learn more about how to utilize the new feature and take advantage of the many benefits it offers, follow the link provided below.

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Dynamics 365 Talk – D365 "Taylored" to you!
Dynamics 365 Talk – D365 "Taylored" to you!

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