D365 Customer Service: Swarming using Teams(preview)

D365 Customer Service: Swarming using Teams(preview)

If you're a Dynamics 365 Customer Service user, you'll want to take note of the new swarming functionality that was previewed at Microsoft's Business Application Launch event. While still in its preview phase, users can start testing the feature in sandbox environments in the near future. With the integration of Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, swarming takes a streamlined approach to case management.

This feature allows multiple users to collaborate on a single case, with each member of the 'swarm' taking on a specific role to effectively resolve the issue. Using the Teams interface, participants are able to communicate and share information in real-time, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively. Overall, it promises to be a highly effective approach to managing customer service cases with seamless integration with collaborating tools like Microsoft Teams.

Head on over to the post to learn more about how swarming can level up your customer service game and how to get started using it today!

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