Microsoft Viva: Official Communities Discovery

Microsoft Viva: Official Communities Discovery

In the world of Microsoft Viva, Official Communities are an essential resource that can be easily discovered via the Communities Discovery page. This is a platform where network admins verify communities for users, leading to increased credibility and reliability. Additionally, the page features recommended communities, including an Official Communities section, which highlights verified communities that are deemed reliable sources of information.

Microsoft Viva was officially launched on June CY2024, and it is available globally on the web cloud instance platform. It has different variants accommodating different users such as DoD, GCC High, and GCC. The feature of discovering Official Communities was added in May 2024 as part of the Microsoft Viva Roadmap ID 396722.

If you're a Microsoft 365 administrator seeking to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Viva, you can learn more about this feature and other aspects of the software on the M365 Admin website.

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