Microsoft Viva: Engage Community Creation API

Microsoft Viva: Engage Community Creation API

Introducing the community creation API that enables the automatic creation of Microsoft Viva Engage communities through the MS Graph platform. This new feature is a significant milestone for Viva and enables programmatic community creation. The roadmap for Viva involves a preview release date of January CY2024 and a worldwide rollout on the web cloud platform, with a roadmap ID of 178311. This release aligns with Microsoft's goal of empowering organizations with digital tools that enable an agile and remote workforce.

For developers and organizations looking to streamline the creation of Engage communities, this API provides an innovative solution to automate the process. With the power of MS Graph's platform, developers can efficiently manage communities and ensure they align with the organization's goals and vision.

Overall, the Engage Community Creation API for Microsoft Viva is a promising step forward in digital collaboration for remote and hybrid workforces. As the world continues to navigate the effects of the pandemic, Viva's features are set to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

You can find more information about this API in the following link: Microsoft Viva: Engage Community Creation API on the M365 Admin site.

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