{How to} Allow external users into your Microsoft Teams Tenant

{How to} Allow external users into your Microsoft Teams Tenant

If you're wondering how to grant access to your Microsoft Teams tenant, this post has got you covered. The post takes you through the process of allowing external users into your Microsoft Teams workspace in easy-to-follow steps. It's essential to note that guest access needs to be enabled for you to proceed successfully. The post includes highly illustrative images to help you understand the process better. This guide can be useful to both newbies and experienced Microsoft Teams users who want to bring and collaborate with external parties into their workspace. Keep in mind that for you to make any changes to your tenant, you need to be a global administrator or Microsoft 365 Administrator. Good luck!

Written by Malla Reddy Gurram(@UK365GUY), this post is part of his #365blogpostsin365days challenge.

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