Microsoft Outlook: Improved suggested times for meetings

Microsoft Outlook: Improved suggested times for meetings

Microsoft Outlook is set to release an improved 'Find a time' feature to simplify meeting scheduling by offering more intuitive suggested times. This new feature is rolling out in early July 2024 with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 396574, and will be completed by late July 2024. The update will make it easier for a meeting organizer to find an appropriate meeting time that works for everyone. The new 'Find a time' feature redesigns suggestion time tiles to be more intuitive, and suggested times are now accessed from the new Find a Time menu. After the rollout, this feature will be on by default for supported accounts. Admins don't need to take any actions for the update. Users will be able to select 'Find a time' to view suggested times when creating a meeting invite. If you're an Outlook user, this feature will automatically roll out by the specified dates. It is suggested to update any relevant documentation to notify users of this change.

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