Empower agents to draft case-based knowledge articles with Copilot

Empower agents to draft case-based knowledge articles with Copilot

With Copilot, agents can seamlessly generate knowledge articles based on the data from their cases. This includes case descriptions, email exchanges, summaries, and notes taken by the agent. This empowers agents to generate knowledge drafts in a more efficient manner, without having to spend much time and effort in writing the articles from scratch.

The feature is designed to make the article generation much faster and simpler for agents who may not have extensive knowledge in writing. It is also a useful tool for organizations that want to scale their knowledge base quickly and accurately. By leveraging the data from cases, Copilot generates a rough draft for the agent(s) to then refine and publish in a matter of minutes.

All in all, Copilot provides a powerful mechanism for organizations and their customer service agents to create quality knowledge articles that can ultimately benefit both the customers and the company.

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