Microsoft Teams: Town halls in Government Community Cloud (GCC) (Premium)

Microsoft Teams: Town halls in Government Community Cloud (GCC) (Premium)

If you're using Microsoft Teams in a government community cloud (GCC) environment, you now have access to a new feature called Town hall. This feature allows for large-scale events to be hosted within an organization, with support for up to 20,000 attendees, third-party eCDN support, moderated Q&A, RTMP-in, live translated captions, and more.

Designed to be as easy to use as webinars and meetings, Town hall comes with a new meeting template that simplifies the process of setting up and hosting events. It also allows event organizers to manage what attendees see by controlling the content that appears on their screens. Additionally, there is a green room feature that enables presenters and panelists to prepare before going live.

This General Availability feature was released in July CY2024 and is currently available only for the desktop platform in GCC cloud instances. So, if you want to host large-scale events in a GCC environment, Town hall should be your go-to tool since it incorporates the familiar Teams app you use daily.

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