Microsoft Teams: Town Halls

Microsoft Teams: Town Halls

Microsoft Teams now offers a powerful tool for hosting large-scale events across organizations - Town Halls. The already familiar Teams app can now be used to set up webinars, meetings, and town halls with a wide range of capabilities. These include a new meeting template, support for up to 10K attendees, third-party eCDN support, green room, RTMP-in, moderated Q&A, live translated captions, and the ability to manage what attendees see.

This tool is designed to revolutionize the way organizations communicate with their employees by providing a platform that is flexible, efficient, and easy to use. With Microsoft Teams Town Halls, businesses of all sizes can now host highly interactive and engaging events, without any hassle. The tool is now generally available on Mac Cloud Instance worldwide as part of the Standard Multi-Tenant plan, with the release date set for October CY2023.

So whether you're a small business owner looking to connect with your employees or a large corporation hosting an international event, Microsoft Teams Town Halls is a powerful solution that can help you take your communication game to the next level.

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