Where is your Data? - A need for Data governance platform

Where is your Data? - A need for Data governance platform

The advent of digital transformation and app modernization programs has led to the generation, movement, collection, and storage of data in the cloud. As new data sources are created, it creates new challenges for enterprises to track and manage data. In this context, a cloud data governance platform becomes essential. The platform helps data consumers to know where the data source is and how to connect to it and they also need to be able to trust the source of data. Data reliability is a concern when the data is used for AI and machine learning models and business insights generation.

Data storage and flows in hybrid cloud (image from Microsoft learn)

The increasing enterprise data complexity and growth in the cloud necessitates a platform for proper data management, annotation, classification, documentation, and security. Enterprises need to comply with various regulatory and industry standards and ensure data classification, security, and reliability. A data governance platform can have an enterprise data catalog to provide easy access to different sources of data and better data discovery. Additionally, the ability to make use of data sources and collaborate on them is also possible. The platform also supports compliance to make sure there is proper policy and procedure followed for enterprise data that manages the producing, consuming, storage and archiving of enterprise data. Azure Purview is a cloud PaaS data governance platform developed by Microsoft that provides transparency, discovery, and access to enterprise data.

As the complexity and quantity of data sources continue to grow, it is essential to prioritize data governance and compliance alongside the data itself. It is also vital to understand where your data is, how it is being accessed and by whom. Azure Purview provides an ideal solution to these challenges.

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