What's New in Power Platform - 2022 Release wave 2 - Managed Environments

What's New in Power Platform - 2022 Release wave 2 - Managed Environments

Microsoft Power Platform has released the 2022 Release Wave-2, which includes many new features and enhancements to existing functionality. In this post, we explore the Managed Environments capability, which helps organizations set boundaries and keep control over the platform. As a no-code or less-code tool, Power Platform can potentially get out of hand when introduced to users. However, with the Managed Environments suite of capabilities, admins can manage Power Platform at scale with more control, less effort, and more insights.

To enable an environment as Managed Environments, all users in that environment must have premium usage rights, such as a Power Apps or Power Automate per-user or per-app per-user standalone plan. The suite comprises three elements:

  • Limit Sharing - Helps prevent makers from sharing Canvas Apps with security groups and limits apps' number of people who can share and access them.
  • Usage Insights - Provides a weekly email digest for Power Platform admins and Dynamics 365 Services Admins on the Managed Environments, showing a graph of active app users, top run apps and flows, and unused apps.
  • Data Policies - Shows all the data policies applicable to the Managed Environment.

Managed Environments is a step forward in Power Platform's Center of Excellence kit, helping organizations manage Power Platform and maintain governance efficiently. It's currently available with the three mentioned capabilities, but more could be added in the future. By using Managed Environments, organizations can easily do more with less effort when it comes to managing Power Platform.

Thanks to @mihircrm and @365WithoutCode for their contribution to this post.

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