What's New in Power Platform - Process Mining

What's New in Power Platform - Process Mining

In the latest 2022 release of Power Platform, the focus is on Process Mining using the Process Advisor. The blog discusses why there is a need for a business process review and how a tool like process advisor can be beneficial for an organization. Many instances are reflective of "That's how we have always done it," leading to stagnation, where an old process still remains in place despite modifications occurring over time. In these circumstances, process mining can help re-evaluate a company's CRM/ERP processes by setting a baseline, identifying bottlenecks, automating processes, and re-evaluating them. Some of the new capabilities added to the Process Advisor include an improved web experience, new Minit Desktop App for deeper analytics, customizable reporting using Power BI and new pre-built templates. However, to benefit from Process Mining, businesses may require multiple licenses like Power Automate per user, Power BI premium, Microsoft Dataverse. Nonetheless, Process Mining helps move away from stagnation and towards productivity by measurably improving process change.

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