Where is your Data? - A need for Data governance platform

Where is your Data? - A need for Data governance platform

In today's world, digital transformation and app modernization has given rise to new applications developed in the cloud, and legacy apps shifted to the cloud. With the apps, data is also generated, moved, collected, and stored in the cloud. However, as new data sources get created, enterprises face challenges when it comes to tracking and managing data. The increasing complexity in enterprise data in the cloud requires a cloud data governance platform.

Enterprises require a data governance platform to track and manage data sources. The platform must be able to connect to the data source and provide easy access to the consumers of data. Additionally, data producers need to maintain and manage their data sources, annotate, classify, and create documentation. Data security administrators need to discover, identify, protect, and restrict access to data sources. They must ensure that proper process is followed when accessing sensitive classified data. Ensuring data classification, security, and reliability is also a concern.

Moreover, the platform must help the enterprises comply with corporate data policies, including GDPR, HIPPA, PCI, and other regulatory and industry standards. A cloud data governance platform such as Azure Purview by Microsoft can help the enterprise to easily handle and manage these challenges by providing an enterprise data catalog, proper policy, and procedures for enterprise data.

In concluding, more enterprises are moving to the cloud and this means the need for an efficient data governance platform is rising. By using cloud data governance platforms like Azure Purview, enterprises can effectively manage and govern their data sources, ensure reliability, security, and compliance, enhance collaboration, and improve data discovery.

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