10 Things to consider when managing Enterprise Apps - Microsoft Dynamics 365 on cloud - Part-2

10 Things to consider when managing Enterprise Apps - Microsoft Dynamics 365 on cloud - Part-2

This is part 2 of the blog series that sheds light on 10 things you should consider while managing enterprise applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365. The post picks up from where the first part left and covers the remaining of the 10 things that businesses must consider when managing these apps.

The post emphasizes the importance of having proper documentation and well-established processes for operation process management. It suggests developing a list of processes, including incident management, change and release management, and DevOps deployment process, among others, and aligning all teams to work in coordination. On the other hand, when it comes to environment planning for app support, the post highlights the requirement of multiple environments such as dev, test, UAT, prod and hotfix environments for production support, which can significantly increase the complexity and require dedicated personnel.

The post also stresses the significance of continuous learning for app support teams. The team needs to be trained on business processes, operations, cloud, and the latest application technology enhancements, and create a continuous learning plan to improve their skills. Finally, the post emphasizes app optimization and user experience, suggesting businesses optimize app performance and enhance user experience to achieve optimal business results.

Overall, this post provides a comprehensive guide for managing enterprise applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365, covering all vital aspects to consider.

The original post is available at 365WithoutCode.

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