Microsoft Default for Tag Management to include Team Members

Microsoft Default for Tag Management to include Team Members

Microsoft has announced an update to the default setting for Teams Tag Management, now including Team Owners and Members. This change will apply to tenants that have not yet explicitly selected their Tag Management settings. The default settings previously only mapped to "Team Owners," but they will now map to "Team Owners and Members." Admins are advised to adjust their Tag Management settings to reflect their tenant-level preferences. Users will still see the same options in the Teams client, with the additional option to allow all team members to create and edit tags. The rollout will begin in mid-August 2023 and is expected to be complete by early September 2023. Admins are recommended to select their desired tag management setting to avoid future issues. This change will not affect tenants that have already explicitly selected their Tag Management settings.

For EDU tenants, non-owner students will still be unable to manage tags as long as the Tenant level settings remain at Team Owners or Microsoft Default. Microsoft assures users that they will continue to respect preferred tenant settings over the default settings. If you're an admin looking to adjust your Tag Management settings, follow the steps outlined in the post.

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