{Do you know} Omnichannel Improve prouctivity by converting voicemail to case

{Do you know} Omnichannel Improve prouctivity by converting voicemail to case

In this post, the author shares insights on how Dynamics 365 Omnichannel can improve productivity by converting voicemails to cases. The feature enables agents to easily handle customer concerns that have been relayed through voice messages. The author highlights the three main aspects of this feature: voicemail conversion, business value, and configuration.

The voicemail conversion allows agents to view voicemails assigned to them in their inbox, where they can convert them into cases with a single click. This integration streamlines issue triage and ensures faster resolution. By enabling voice-to-mail conversion, agents can address customer concerns promptly and the voice channel becomes tightly integrated with case management, hence improving overall efficiency. Configuration of this feature requires administrators to enable it and agents see a button on the command bar of the voicemail message, allowing them to convert it into a case.

By utilizing this functionality, agents can bridge the gap between voice communication and case handling, ultimately improving customer service. So if you're looking to boost your productivity in Dynamics 365 Omnichannel, this post provides useful insights on how voicemail to case conversion can help achieve this.

The post is authored by Malla Reddy Gurram and was shared under the hashtag #uk365guy and #365blogpostsin365days.

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