Microsoft Forms: Define criteria for validating responses to open-text questions in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms: Define criteria for validating responses to open-text questions in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms just got better with a new feature that allows the definition of validation criteria for open-text questions. This feature enables you to set specific requirements for the response to an open-text question, such as an email address, URL, keywords, and even whether the response should be numeric or text-based. This latest release is set to reach general availability by July CY2024, and it's applicable on both the desktop and cloud-based platforms.

With this new feature on Microsoft Forms, users can ensure that the answers given to open-text questions align with specific requirements, reducing the need to manually sift through responses. This feature is a step towards enabling Forms users to make more informed decisions by providing more concrete and specified responses.

Overall, this feature shows Microsoft's commitment to making Forms a more user-friendly and impactful tool for businesses and individuals alike. So start utilizing the validated response feature today, and take your Forms game to the next level!

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