Intelligent automation and the rise of microfactories, with Amar Hanspal

Intelligent automation and the rise of microfactories, with Amar Hanspal

In this podcast episode, Amar Hanspal, the CEO and founder of Bright Machines, talks about the rise of microfactories and intelligent automation. Bright Machines is a software-defined manufacturing company that has been recognized as a leader in its space by the World Economic Forum and Forbes. Amar speaks on a range of topics, including the origin story of Bright Machines, the software-first approach to modern manufacturing, the impact of software on employment in the manufacturing industry, and the need for reskilling employees to work with software-first manufacturing equipment. He also shares insights on why manufacturing is moving closer to customers and the role of manufacturing as a competitive advantage. The podcast ends with Amar's advice to manufacturers on how to prepare for the future and drive conversation around intelligent automation within their organizations.

Through this conversation, listeners get a glimpse into the world of modern manufacturing and how software-driven operations are revolutionizing the industry. The podcast also covers Microsoft Dynamics 365's role in enabling businesses to build agile and resilient supply chains. If you're interested in learning more about the intersection of technology and manufacturing or how to future-proof your manufacturing operations, this podcast is well worth a listen.

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