How technology impacts humanitarian efforts, with IRC’s Daniel Coughlin

How technology impacts humanitarian efforts, with IRC’s Daniel Coughlin

In this podcast, Director of Data Insights, Systems, and Architecture at the International Rescue Committee, Daniel Coughlin, discusses how technology has impacted the IRC's work in Syria and Afghanistan. He also shares insights on specific technologies that have aided people in need, responsible use of technology with vulnerable populations, and how he plans to focus his work in the future.

During the discussion, Coughlin highlights the role played by technology in the IRC's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He also emphasizes information technology's contribution to the organization's humanitarian efforts in crisis-hit areas. By leveraging specific technology capabilities, such as data and analytics tools, the IRC has been able to drive change and measure the effectiveness of its work.

As a mission-driven leader, Coughlin is committed to harnessing technology, data, and analytics to drive positive change at scale while also rewarding innovation, feedback, and growth. He acknowledges, however, that technology carries risks if not implemented responsibly, especially when dealing with vulnerable populations. To this end, he emphasizes the need for responsible use of technology.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a humanitarian aid and resettlement organization that helps refugees rebuild their lives after conflict and disaster. By providing programs focused on education, legal protection, health, refugee resettlement, among others, IRC aids refugees in regaining control of their lives.

Overall, this podcast highlights the importance of technology in humanitarian efforts and how the IRC leverages technology to drive effective action and promote change.

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