How Mars keeps people at the center of digital transformation, with Carol Van Den Hende

How Mars keeps people at the center of digital transformation, with Carol Van Den Hende

In this podcast episode, Gemma Milne speaks with Carol Van Den Hende, Senior Digital Transformation Director at Mars, Inc., about creating a human-centered culture in a technology-driven era of digital transformation. Carol sheds light on how digital transformation at Mars, Inc. is reshaping both the customer and employee experience. She emphasizes the role of a human-centric culture in digital transformation and offers insights on how to balance experimentation, innovation, and change management. The impact of digital transformation on consumers is also discussed, followed by how the employee experience relates to organizational values and company culture. Carol concludes by sharing her thoughts and advice on technology-driven futures.

Carol Van Den Hende has an MBA from Lehigh University and has spent more than 20 years working in marketing, strategy, and insights. She is presently a senior digital transformation director at Mars, Inc. Besides being an author, speaker, and board member, Carol is also a mother of twins.

Tune in to this podcast episode to gain valuable insights on digital transformation and its impact on people, company culture, and organizational values. You'll get to know how a company like Mars keeps user-centricity and human values at the center of digital transformation and the importance of maintaining a human-centric culture as a company evolves digitally.

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