Taming big data in manufacturing, with Jon Sobel

Taming big data in manufacturing, with Jon Sobel

This podcast features an interview with Jon Sobel, the CEO and co-founder of Sight Machine, on the topic of managing big data in the manufacturing sector. As the sector that generates the most data, there is great potential for big data to be utilized in manufacturing. However, there are challenges such as working with "dirty" data and creating a strong data foundation. Sobel discusses how Sight Machine creates a standardized data foundation to provide real-time analysis for manufacturing across industries. 

Furthermore, the episode delves into various topics including the promise of Industry 4.0, understanding digital twins and control towers, and building trust between technology consultants and manufacturing clients to modernize their approach to data. Sobel also emphasizes the importance of company culture in successfully implementing data strategies. This podcast provides insightful real-world examples of how manufacturers can unlock valuable opportunities and create business impact through effective use of data.

The episode is sponsored by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, which uses predictive insights powered by AI and IoT to streamline operations and maximize efficiency, product quality, and profitability. The podcast can be found at https://connectedandready.com/episodes/taming-big-data-in-manufacturing-with-jon-sobel-E09lszjN.

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