Super apps for smart cities, with Shyam Sunder

Super apps for smart cities, with Shyam Sunder

Join Gemma Milne in conversation with Shyam Sunder from PayiQ on the topic of super apps and how they are shaping the landscape of service delivery and customer experience in smart cities. Together, they explore the impact these apps have on the concept of connected cities, while also addressing risks associated with app consolidation.

The conversation covers multiple topics such as the integral role mobile applications have taken in customer-provider interactions, the emergence of super apps, mitigating risks involved with app consolidation, and the PayiQ system's unique features. Additionally, Shyam Sunder shares his insights on Mobility as a Service (MaaS), a research niche of his, and aggregated platforms.

As the conversation unfolds, they delve into the concept of smart ticketing platforms and their role during the COVID-19 health crisis, highlighting how these platforms have helped mitigate some of the challenges faced by public transportation. If you're curious about the prospective impact of super apps on service delivery, customer experience, and connected cities, this episode offers valuable insights, backed by the expertise of Shyam Sunder, Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development at PayiQ.

The episode is sponsored by Dynamics 365, a next-generation ERP and CRM business application. To discover how Dynamics 365 is empowering employees at every level to reason over data, predict trends, and make proactive decisions, you can request a live demo on their website.

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