5G powers a new era for IoT and edge computing, with Neha Gandhi Vijay

5G powers a new era for IoT and edge computing, with Neha Gandhi Vijay

In a podcast interview with Gemma Milne, Neha Gandhi Vijay, Assistant VP of Strategic Alliances at AT&T, expounds upon the impact of 5G technology on IoT and edge computing. Key topics of the discussion include a definition of edge computing with regards to IoT and 5G, and which industries and verticals AT&T is exploring opportunities with for these technologies as well as business use cases for IoT apps. The partnership between AT&T and Microsoft is also discussed as well as how it helps to provide cloud services to enable these solutions. The discussion also covers potential barriers to adoption for these technologies and how they can be overcome.

Neha Gandhi Vijay is a prominent figure in this space as the Assistant Vice President of Strategic Alliances at AT&T, leading the company's business development and go-to-market initiatives for 5G, edge computing, and IoT with Microsoft and systems integrators. Her background includes 10 years in the IoT space across multiple roles, and she has a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, and an MBA from Emory University.

Overall, this podcast interview provides valuable insights into the future of IoT and edge computing in the era of 5G and how leading industry players are positioning themselves to meet the growing demand for these technologies.

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