The changing world of cloud CRM, with Chris Cognetta

The changing world of cloud CRM, with Chris Cognetta

In this podcast, technology expert Chris Cognetta, the Chief Technology Innovation Officer of CongruentX, discusses the impact of cloud computing on CRM solutions, and how achieving business outcomes and improving customer experience are key to successful implementation. Among the topics discussed are digital transformation initiatives, the advantages of cloud environments for customer experience and competitive advantage, the importance of growing up CRM solutions, balancing the needs of customers, cloud security and privacy, and cloud innovation driven by edge computing and IoT.

Chris Cognetta is a Microsoft MVP and a recognized industry speaker who has helped more than 250 Dynamics 365 Customer Experience and Azure customers achieve success through cloud-based solutions.

If you're looking for insights on cloud CRM solutions and how they can help your business grow, this podcast is a great resource to check out. Plus, you can also learn more from the Dynamics 365 Migration Community and get a demo of Dynamics 365, Microsoft's ERP and CRM business applications.

The Changing World of Cloud CRM podcast originally appeared on Connected and Ready website.

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