Microsoft Teams: Tenant-wide policy for permission to download meeting transcription

Microsoft Teams: Tenant-wide policy for permission to download meeting transcription

Microsoft Teams is introducing a tenant-wide policy that allows IT admins to control permissions for downloading meeting transcripts, with the ability to exempt certain security group members. The rollout of this policy begins in mid-May 2024 for Targeted Release and extends to General Availability in various stages through August 2024. The default transcript permissions will also be updated post-rollout. This new policy is for IT admins to restrict permissions to download new meeting transcript files stored in Microsoft OneDrive for all users in the tenant. Admins can exempt people from the policy who are members of specified security groups such as governance or compliance specialists who require download access to meeting transcripts. The rollout applies to Teams for Mac and Teams for desktop, and after the rollout, when the new policy is not applied, only transcript owners (recording initiator or meeting organizer) will have permission to download or delete the transcript file, and meeting participants can only view the transcript in Teams or Microsoft Stream. Regardless of whether the new policy is applied, the meeting organizer will be able to select in Stream the participants who are restricted from downloading, viewing, and editing the transcript in Stream.

IT admins should be notified of this change, although no admin action is required before the rollout, which will happen automatically by the specified date. To learn more about this policy and its implications, please refer to the associated Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 332800.

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