Collaborating with Power BI

Collaborating with Power BI

Power BI is a powerful tool that enables users to extract value from their data. The value of this data is multiplied when users collaborate with others, sharing, publishing, and embedding their reports on websites, portals, and in mobile apps. The licensing requirements for sharing reports are clear; a Power BI pro or premium license is usually required.

There are various ways to collaborate and get the most out of Power BI:

  • Embedding Power BI reports in various applications, such as SharePoint online, Microsoft Teams, Portals, websites, and Power Apps.
  • Sharing reports and dashboards within Power BI service using a workspace, or an app that can be published to a specific audience. Users can interact with the report and dashboard.
  • Publishing reports to a public website where anyone on the internet can interact with the report without requiring a license.
  • Integrating Power BI with Power Automate allows users to trigger a flow based on the data prompted in Power BI.

It is worth noting that embedding Power BI in a website/portal has some limitations; for example, external guest users may not be able to view reports, users will need a license, and Power BI supports limited browsers. Despite these limitations, Power BI remains an excellent tool for data analysis and collaboration.

For those interested in Power BI and Power Apps integration, there is more to come.

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