Microsoft Outlook: Scheduling Assistant updates

Microsoft Outlook: Scheduling Assistant updates

Microsoft Outlook is upgrading the Scheduling Assistant feature with improved readability, grid lines, availability view, combined availability bar, updated time zone behavior and the addition of a Send button. This update will begin rolling out worldwide in early August 2024 and will be completed by late August 2024, with no admin action required. The update's aim is to improve the Scheduling Assistant's view readability, including how availability is denoted as text for selected times under attendee names and how free/busy information is displayed for each user on the grid. The combined availability view is a bar that shows the combined availability of all participants at a given time, and the selected time bar's color will be changed to blue, with hover states communicating time and availability information. Time zone information will now only be shown for users in a different time zone than the organizer's. Additionally, a Send button will be added to the Scheduling Assistant view.

This update can help organizations using Microsoft Outlook for scheduling new events by providing a more user-friendly interface. The detailed changes coming to the Scheduling assistant in early August 2024 include improved readability, updated grid lines, an availability view, a combined availability bar, updated time zone behavior, and the addition of a send button.

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