Microsoft SharePoint: “Remove-SPOExternalUser” retires starting July 29, 2024

Microsoft SharePoint: “Remove-SPOExternalUser” retires starting July 29, 2024

Starting July 29, 2024, the "Remove-SPOExternalUser" PowerShell cmdlet for SharePoint online will be retired for Microsoft SharePoint Online (SPO) users. The retirement is part of the company's ongoing efforts to enhance security and streamline scope and permissions for external users. Users are advised to switch to the "Remove-AzureADUser" cmdlet and update workflows to avoid any issues. The functionality will still be available for tenant admins/users through alternate means. Only a few organizations are currently active users of the Remove-SPOExternalUser cmdlet for their user management needs. Users are urged to begin transitioning immediately and to ensure that none of their workflows are calling this cmdlet, using the Remove-AzureADUser cmdlet instead. Further details and guidance can be found at Microsoft Learn.

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