Microsoft Teams: Ask to join a shared channel with a channel link

Microsoft Teams: Ask to join a shared channel with a channel link

Microsoft Teams is introducing a new feature that allows in-tenant users to request to join a shared channel by using a channel link. Once a user tries to access a shared channel with a link, they will be able to ask to join the channel. Channel owners can then approve or deny requests. This new feature will be available on Teams for Desktop and Mac, with rollouts beginning in mid-June 2024 for Targeted Release, late June 2024 for General Availability, and mid-July 2024 for GCC High and DoD. It is relevant to Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 325330.

After the rollout, users who click on a shared channel link from another tenant will continue to see the You don’t have access message. Admins won't be able to turn off this feature. There's nothing much to prepare, since the rollout will happen automatically on the specified dates, but it might be useful to update any relevant documentation and notify users about this change.

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