Introducing Microsoft Viva Engage for Copilot Adoption | Microsoft 365

Introducing Microsoft Viva Engage for Copilot Adoption | Microsoft 365

Microsoft Viva Engage is set to launch a new community catering to the adoption of Copilot for Microsoft 365 users. It will provide one-click community creation and a setup checklist, among other features. The rollout of this new community is expected to commence in late May 2024 and conclude by early June 2024, with no action required of admins before this timeline. The community enables employees to come together and build a shared understanding of Copilot, with IT admins and peers assisting them, sharing tips, best practices, and articles. M365 Roadmap ID 392100 is affiliated with this development. The community will save community managers' time in setting up, driving engagement, and managing the community. After rollout, network admins and corporate communicators in organizations with Copilot for Microsoft 365 licenses will see a box in their home feed and in the Viva Engage admin center promoting the new community type. They can then create a Copilot adoption community for their network in Viva Engage admin center > Deploying Copilot in your network? box > Select Learn More to learn more about the community and create one.

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