Viva Engage Community creation API is now available on MS Graph Beta

Viva Engage Community creation API is now available on MS Graph Beta

Exciting news for Microsoft Graph users! The Viva Engage community creation API is now available in beta endpoint on MS Graph. This offers a new way to programmatically create communities, rather than solely through Engage UI. This API supports app-delegated (user auth) and app-only access, while being limited to networks in native mode only. Legacy and external Yammer networks will be unable to use this API for community creation. Existing features and user flows remain the same, and the UI for community creation will be unchanged. If you're interested in trying this beta endpoint, be sure to check out the Microsoft Graph REST API beta endpoint reference to learn more and provide your feedback. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 178311.

You can find more details on the post titled "Viva Engage Community creation API is now available on MS Graph Beta" on the M365 Admin website.

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